The Importance of Quality Listing Photos

March 6, 2020

With the technology available to us today, most of us have a camera in our pocket that is capable of taking high quality photos. Other semi-professional cameras are also available at incredibly reasonable prices. With the equipment so easily available to us, why would I want to hire a professional real estate photographer to take pictures of my listing? How important is it to have quality listing photos for your home that is for sale?

First Impressions Count in Real Estate

Quality listing Photos are important to your real estate listing because with today’s home shoppers starting their search on the internet, this is the first impression that they will get of your home.  The very first thing they see is going to be the hero image of your listing.  A hero image is the cover photo of your listing and should be the best element of your home that makes people want to see more.  This can be the front elevation, an incredible pool and landscaped backyard, or an incredibly updated kitchen.

When I list a home, I want to make sure that whatever image I put up stands out from all of the other listings that a home buyer is looking at. When I have an incredibly produced, HDR photograph of the front elevation of a home, this will be clicked on more than a cell phone photo or  an incorrectly edited, semi-professional photo of the same feature of the home. This leads to more clicks to your listing, which leads to more showings, which leads to a quicker sale of your home.

Capture the Essence of the Home

A good real estate photographer will capture the essence of the home. They will know the camera angles to use that will show all of the different features of each room. They will use a wide angle lens, but will edit the photo in the production process so that you do not get a fish eye effect that is a huge distraction when looking through listings.

Buyers like to see homes that are well presented and get them excited, which means that you have to have proper lighting, and proper editing to show off certain features. If you have an incredible pool, shoot a twilight photo with the lights and water features turned on, also capturing the rear elevation of the home with the lights on. This will garner up excitement for the home, which results in more showings.  

Can You See Out the Windows?

One thing that sets our listings apart from others our use of wide angle, HDR photography.  This allows a buyer to see out the windows while they are browsing listings online. We even go as far as opening up all of the blinds to get a clean and clear shot of the yard through the family room windows. What this does is helps the buyer visualize their family and pets in the yard while they are in the kitchen. Subliminally, the buyer starts to fall in love with the home.  This keeps them coming back to the listing, which makes them want to come see the home in person.

Quality Listing Photos Bring Buyers

If your listing can get people excited while they are looking online, then you will capture more interest, which leads to more showings, which leads to a buyer.  The end result of having quality listing photos is that your buyer will come quicker and you will get more money for your home. That is the desired result with any listing, so make sure that you start with the proper presentation of your home when it hits the market. 

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